Turkey deports 2 Tamil Nadu men who tried contacting ISIS

CRIMisisflgIntelligence services confirmed that two young men from Tamil Nadu, one a 23-year-old graduate from Chennai, and the other a 22-year-old school dropout from Karur, are under surveillance since they were deported from Turkey for trying to contact ISIS in Syria a short while ago.

Officials said the men spent long hours on the Internet trying to find out how to get to Syria to join ISIS. Someone guided them online and they took a flight from Bangalore to Dubai in August, and onwards to Turkey where they were picked up for suspicious movements a fortnight ago.

Ten days ago they were sent back on a flight to Bangalore since that was where they boarded their first international flight. As soon as they landed in Bangalore the central and state intelligence officials interviewed them. The Chennai man told police he was inspired to join ISIS as he believed they were going to rule the world. He said he met a graduate at a textile shop and during prayers at a mosque in Purasawalkam they talked about job prospects in Syria.

Police officials said they were not charging the two men who have since been counselled and kept under surveillance.