Two Indians killed in car crash at New Zealand beach

INTERnzDilpreet Singh 32, and Pulkit Malhotra, 27, were killed in a vehicle crash. The two men were travelling in a four-wheeler at the famous Muriwai tourist beach in West Auckland, New Zealand with Imad Dib, 31 of Lebanon and Syed Jafri, 29. of Pakistan, when the vehicle flipped over and rolled several times, killing the occupants

Witnesses tried to administer first aid as emergency services rushed to the scene.

It was not immediately known who was driving the vehicle and the vehicle had to be towed from the water by a tractor. One person said the Pajero was travelling at a very high speed along the sand. Police said the vehicle either struck an object or hit the sand, and as all the occupants were ejected from the vehicle, it suggests they may not have been wearing seat belts.

Police say the victims’ next of kin were notified and being assisted by the police.

Singh, Dib and Jafri were working at Queens Academy Group and Malhotra was their friend and had arrived in New Zealand recently.