Two NRI girls killed in Russian medical college fire

INTERESrusmedPooja Kallur, 22, and Karishma Bhosale, 20, were killed in a fire in a hostel dormitory at the Smolensk State Medical Academy in Russia, while they were asleep.

Pooja from Navi Mumbai and Karishma from Sahakar Nagar, Pune were in their fourth year of studying medicine in Smolensk.

The two girls shared the same room on the fourth floor of the six-storey hostel meant for Indian female students. The girls bodies are to be flown to India.

The investigative Committee of Russia issued a statement that said ‘According to preliminary reports, ignition occurred on the fourth floor of the dormitory of the Smolensk State Medical University in the morning of February 14. Two students from India died in the fire. The investigators conducted a crime scene examination assigned to fire-technical and forensic examination, and interviewed witnesses.