Two priests die in 'banter turned battle' in Varanasi

Two purohits (priests) were having breakfast at a shop when they began to banter about who has more clients or Yajamans, when Gyanchand Pandey who belongs to a family of priests arrived and joined in the banter, that soon turned into a verbal battle and violence ensued. Gyanchand then ran to his nearby home and returned with a gun. He shot at priest Mritunjay Dwivedi, 32 killing him on the spot, and when Shiv Shanker Giri the other priest tried to intervene, Gyanchand in a fit of rage opened fire injuring him. Family members joined the fray and Dwivedi's brother Dhananjay was also injured in the clash. The three men were rushed to hospital where Mritunjay was declared dead on arrival while Shiv Shanker died in the hospital. Doctors referred the injured Dhananjay to Varanasi for further treatment.