UK NRI banker ordered to give assets to ex-wife

Amit GoyalAmit Goyal, 39, who worked at high-flying jobs and banks in the heart of London’s financial district got pulled into spread-betting and lost much of his fortune, has been ordered to hand over his remaining assets to his former wife, Ankita Ghuman, 35, to prevent him from gambling them away.

Goyal appealed against the order but Justice Cobb dismissed his appeal ruling that Goyal’s financial recklessness to the detriment of his family meant he should be stripped of his remaining ‘depressingly limited’ assets.

During his heyday Goyal earned up to 300,000 pounds a year as a trader and spent much of it on a high-end lifestyle with his then wife. The couple split a few years ago and had been in a legal battle over their finances.

As part of the divorce settlement Goyal must surrender 19,000 pounds in shares to his ex-wife, pay her 500 pounds a month in maintenance, and share his pension with her.

Goyal plans to challenge the court ruling and claims he does not have a pension.