UK NRI booked for long-distance harassment !

Police have booked Ashish Kapdi, currently a resident in Gloucester, London, for allegedly harassing and cheating his wife, who filed a complaint saying he harassed her on the phone from London and demanded Rs.5 lakhs for VISA expenses. The couple were married in 2011 in Ahmedabad, soon after which Ashish left for London after he allegedly lured the woman by offering to take her to a foreign country, but did not, even after four years of marriage. The couple talked on the phone several times and Ashish allegedly taunted and mentally tortured his wife over the phone, even threatening her to give him the Rs.5 lakhs if she wished to continue in the marriage. The woman said her family had provided Rs.2.50 lakhs in the marriage and valuables were being withheld by the accused. Police registered the complaint and started investigations in the case. The husband is to be called to register his statement.