UK NRI deported from US because of his ‘skin colour’

INTERESasuranaAmreet Surana who works for a UK security company had travelled to Detroit from London on a business trip. He alleged he was held for 13 hours by immigration officials at Detroit airport en route to his firms office in Arizona.

Surana, 24, said he had the relevant authorisation that allows citizens of 38 countries including most of Europe, to travel to the US without a visa. He believes he was profiled because of his appearance.

He told the immigration officials he was an international business manager for Nottingham based Octavian and was visiting the US branch in Phoenix, but in just 20 minutes they concluded he was an illegal immigrant working in America, denying a US citizen a job.

He said he was threatened with fraud, and banishment from the US, and imprisonment, making him feel like a piece of dirt.

In a statement the US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) denied any claims that a traveller can be subject to an admissibility interview because of racial profiling. The CBP is charged with inspecting all travellers regardless of nationality, race, sex, religion, or faith and accusations of lengthy detentions by the CBP are incorrect.