UK NRI families recount Tunisia terror attack

NRINTERinsTwo NRI families who escaped a gunman in Tunisia as he shot 38 tourists dead, are still recovering from the horrific experience.

Pallavi Patel, 57,and her husband Naynesh Patel from Cambridge joined their friends for a week-long package holiday in Sousse which became the site of a bloody massacre on June 26. As luck would have it a last-minute suggestion by Pallavi to head to town for shopping instead of relaxing on the beach saved their lives.

Pallavi who suffered a mild stroke last year was in Tunisia to recoup and relax, but she is now planning to seek medical counseling to get over the trauma of the Tunisia terror attack.

The Patels were part of a large group of holiday-makers from Britain who have now been refunded their money and are being offered constant counseling.

The UK Foreign Office issued a warning to all British nationals in Tunisia to leave the country as another attack is ‘highly likely’. It is estimated there are some 3000 UK tourists still in Tunisia and a few hundred British residents.