UK NRI postman fined for dumping letters

Postman Sandeep Singh, 27, has been spared jail after he pleaded guilty to dumping hundreds of letters in bins rather than delivering them, saying they were 'too heavy' for him to carry. Singh has been fined over 2,300 pounds for not delivering mail on his daily rounds in Nottingham because he said he was too weak to carry his Royal Mail bag since a break-up with his girlfriend. The Court heard that Singh had been a postman for just 7 months when he was caught out by binmen who found piles of post when emptying the bins. Singh who was sacked from his job was also ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and he must pay court costs of 2,302 pounds, compensation of 22.32 pounds and a victim surcharge of 60 pounds. Britain's Royal Mail has zero tolerance for any dishonesty and considers the safety and security of mail of the utmost importance. None of the 279 letters Singh dumped were opened and he made no financial gain from the thefts.