Underworld don lives lavish lifestyle in jail

meraabu-salemAccording to the Taloja Jail superintendent, underworld don Abu Salem is, contrary to his claims, living a lavish life behind bars where he has his own man servant, throws parties for fellow inmates, and sometimes even smuggles in fried chicken from KFC.

Jadhav is under inquiry for allegedly torturing Salem, who made allegations against Jadhav to the court. Now Jadhav has countered Salem’s claims with his own statement, and detailed the illegal perks Salem is enjoying while serving his life sentence for murder.

Jadhav said when the illegal perks were revoked Salem turned aggressive and violent and threatened jail officials with dire consequences. He even manhandled the chief medical officer who refused to help him get out of jail under the false pretext of needing check-ups.

Abu Salem is an accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. He was extradited from Portugal in 2005 after a long legal battle and sentenced to life in prison in February this year for the murder of Mumbai builder Pradeep Jain. He is also accused in four other cases in Delhi and Lucknow.