Unusual number of suicides in Indian village blamed on demons

BACKbadiIn Badi village, Khargone district an unprecedented 80 suicides have taken place since the beginning of the year. The locals blame it on demons, but researchers say pesticides could be behind the widespread depression.

In Badi, that has 320 families, each one has lost at least one family member to suicide.

The village head Rajendra Sisodiya took over his post only after his cousin Jeevan, the former head hanged himself from a tree in front of the house. Sisodiya’s mother and brother also took their own lives.

Badi is home to 2,500 residents, and recorded over 350 suicides in the last two decades, but recently it has become much worse, as during the first 3 months of 2016 there were 80 suicides, that locals say are caused by a ‘demonic presence’.

One psychiatrist said the suicides are likely caused by depression and schizophrenic episodes that could be transmitted by excessive use of pesticides.

Khargone is on the list of India’s 250 most backwards and poor districts.