UP couple’s home sex video goes viral

HAPPwostracA home sex video of a young man and woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra district went viral on social networking websites that was put there by the girl’s sister’s ex-boyfriend, who also made CDs of the recording and distributed them to others in the area. It was all done because he wanted to take revenge on the woman for lodging a molestation complaint against him last year.

Meanwhile the village panchayat ordered the coupe to leave and the boy did so, while the girl was given 10 days to leave. The panchayat also allegedly humiliated the couple and insulted their family even though they asked for forgiveness. The maulana of the Ansari community also announced that the girl crossed all limits of propriety and the boy has sinned, hence they must both be ostracised.

The police are now looking for the perpetrator.