UP Minister tells rape victim ‘not to publicise her disgrace’

THESEakhanWhile addressing an event in Kanpur, Minority Welfare Minister Azam Khan advised an alleged rape victim who was seeking his help, not to go looking for fame and attention to her ‘disgrace’ or she wouldn’t be able to face the world with dignity.

The rape victim and her lawyer had attended the event in the hope of meeting the Minister, but they were unsuccessful. However Khan’s tasteless comment to the girl stirred a hornets nest and chaos ensued outside the venue.

Khan then swiftly changed his tone and said he had been notified of the woman’s case and was sure it was quite ‘serious’. He said he will take her memorandum and proceed, but she had now already gained publicity, and if she spreads the news of the incident ‘how will she face the world’.

Turns out the lawyer had been trying to meet with the minister but was stymied by corrupt police. The victim’s case was registered in July and she has been trying to find justice since then. Now however she has decided she will not approach him for help again.