US cop arrested for assaulting senior Indian citizen

A police officer who assaulted Sureshbhai Patel 57, who is on a visit to Alabama, has been arrested and the FBI will be investing the incident to ascertain whether any federal violations were committed. The Madison City Chief of Police, Larry Muncey apologised to Mr Patel who was assaulted without any provocation, just because he did not speak English and was unable to answer the questions of the two police officers who stopped him while he was taking a walk in the neighbourhood. Muncey apologised to Mr Patel and his family and the community and informed them that the FBI will be conducting a probe into the incident, and confirmed that he found that the offending officer Mr Parker's actions did not meet the expectations of the Madison City Police Department, so he has proposed Parker who has been arrested for assault, also be terminated. The victim had arrived in the US just a day before, to help his son and daughter-in-law care for their infant child who is developmentally delayed. As a result of the assault Mr Patel is in hospital and is partially paralysed. News channels in the US are airing a video in which Mr Patel is seen walking quietly on a sidewalk, doing no harm or peering into houses, as the police were told in a call received from a neighbour that lead to the two officers rushing to the neighbourhood. Clearly, media reports are hinting at the possibility of a racist hate crime.