US deports NRI student for cyber-stalking women

Keshav Mukund Bhide, 24, a student of the University of Washington has been deported from the US after he was convicted of cyber-stalking for threatening women at the University on YouTube. Bhide who was arrested in June also defended Elliot Rodger the student who killed six at the University of California, Santa Barbara in May, then killed himself as well. In one post Bhide said he would make sure he killed only women, and more than Elliot accomplished (sic). Bhide was deported last month, after he was charged and convicted in King county Superior Court, and sentenced to a six-month suspended term. In an agreement with federal prosecutors, a federal indictment charging Bhide will be dismissed after his departure from the US. Bhide is not permitted to return to the US for ten years, and if he does re-enter or attempt to enter the US in the ten year period, federal prosecutors may re-file federal charges against him.