US NRI age 11 starts business selling secure passwords !

INGENmmodiMira Modi, 11, a 6th grade student in New York City has started a business setting cryptographically secure passwords generated by dice rolls. She has her own website and generates 6-word Diceware pass phrases for her clients at $2 each.

Diceware is an old system for coming up with passwords that involves rolling a dice to generate random numbers that are matched to a long list of English words. These words are then combined into a nonsensical string of true randomness which is therefore difficult to crack. The pass phrases have proven relatively easy for humans to memorise.

Young Mira’s mother Julia Angwin, a journalist and author of Dragnet Nation, hired her daughter to generate Diceware pass phrases as a part of research for her book. Mira thought it is cool and decided to turn it into a small business.

She says good passwords are important because now that such good computers are available, people can hack into anything so much faster.