US NRI age 12 is finalist at 3M Scientist Challenge

INGENinsidIris Gupta, age 12, of Maryland, USA who was bothered with an allergy to cats brought some critical thinking to the issue of allergies, and consequently her resulting project landed her a spot as one of 10 finalists at the ‘Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge’, that is a US wide contest for middle schoolers interested in science.

Gupta’s anti-allergy project was about stopping the symptoms before they start rather than treating them. To do that the young lady proposed injecting or inhaling gold nanoparticles to block histamines that are released when a body comes in contact with an allergen.

If the nanoparticles can stop the release they can alleviate reactions before they begin.

3M scientist Raha Been said the idea needs to be tested, but she was impressed with Gupta’s work.