US NRI analyst dies from apparent job stress !

0d1gz2crSarvshreshth Gupta, 22, a Wharton graduate who was a first-year analyst at Goldman Sachs in San Francisco has died of apparent long working hours and stress.

According to a report earlier this year he had told his father “this job is not for me as there is too much work and too little time”.He also said he had not slept for two days and had a client meeting the following morning and had to complete a presentation and his VP was annoyed and he was working alone in the office.

His father asked his son to take two weeks leave and go home to India but the analyst said his company would not allow him to take leave.

Gupta worked in Goldman’s telecoms, media and technology group and had quit his job in March but a week later rejoined under pressure from his father and after he was asked by the company to reconsider his resignation.

The report says he asked for his job back, but in April Gupta was found in the parking lot near his apartment building and was declared dead.  He apparently fell from the building. His death had remained confidential among a small group of his colleagues and the family for the last month.

Goldman, in a statement said they are saddened by his death and feel deeply for his family.

Gupta’s death that is one of numerous unexpected deaths or suicides of young bankers over the last year, caused a new reflection and re-evaluation by Goldman and other Wall Street firms about their work policies. This just before a new class of college interns join the industry for the summer.