US NRI candidates have upper hand in Lexington elections

INTERESnriSeven NRI candidates who ran for local elections in Lexington, Kentucky, have won, making this a total of 12 NRIs elected as members of the Lexington Town Meeting.

Narain Bhatia, a long-time resident of Lexington and a community activist said ‘This movement is historic and is a great result despite the heavy turnout, because of the presidential elections, that tend to favour known contestants and incumbents.

The winners in Lexington include Sharmila Mudgal; Anoop Garg ; Pam Joshi and Rita Pandey; Anil Ahuja; Vikas Kinger; and Nirmala Garimella, all from different precincts. The only NRI candidate to lose was Hema Bhatt who lost by just 36 votes.