US NRI couple admit falsifying thousands of healthcare reports

CRIMhealthrepNita Patel and Kirtish Patel, both age 53, of New Jersey, who owned a mobile diagnostic company pleaded guilty before a US District Judge to falsifying thousands of reports as part of a $4.3 million healthcare fraud scheme.

The couple received the money from insurance companies for diagnostics and reports that were never interpreted by a licenced physician.

Kirtish admitted that from October 2008 through June 2014 he fraudulently interpreted and wrote diagnostic reports produced by his company despite having no medical license and knowing the reports would be used by the referring physicians to make important patient treatment decisions. Nita admitted assisting her husband in forging physician signatures on the reports to make them appear legitimate.

The two also admitted falsely representing to Medicare that the neurological testing performed by their company was being supervised by a licensed neurologist. The couple was paid over $4.3 by Medicare and private insurance companies for the fake reports.

The charges to which the Patels pleaded guilty carries a maximum potential penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.