US NRI couple reinvent jigsaw puzzle genre

INGmratRajat Dhariwal and his wife Madhumita Halder founders of Wyoming based MadRat Games have launched a Kickstarter project to raise $.25,000 to bring its three-games-in-one puzzle ‘Madzzle’ to market.

Aiming to reinvent the jigsaw puzzle the couple crated unique board games and also served the purpose of educating children, particularly now with the parents’ anxiety over the long hours children spend glued to their TV, computer or phone screens.

After a test launch in select stores, the pair is now keen to take the games to the global markets.

Maddzle is the world’s first jigsaw puzzle that rolls up and can be stored in a cylindrical package, has a zero gap feature that provides seamless play, comes with magnifying lenses, has a glow in the dark mode and illusion decoders.

Targeted at the 7 – 11 age group, Madzzle recently won the Parents’ Choice Award in the US. The games include a jigsaw puzzle, a hidden pictures hunt and a card-data duel.