US NRI from UP invests in education in India

NRIINITATIVE1Frank Islam, 63, who was born in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh moved to the US when he was 15, and now lives with his wife Debbie Driesman, 61, on a luxurious nine acres mansion in Potomac, Maryland.  He is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who is said to be worth $300 million.

Islam set up the QSS Group, an information technology firm, in 1994, and sold it in 2007, after raising its revenues to over $300 million. He is now investing in the education sector both in India and his adopted home the USA.

His contributions in India include a $2 million donation to the Aligarh Muslim University to build the Frank and Debbie Islam School of Management with an endowed chair and is building a technical college for girls in Azamgarh in memory of his mother Qumran Nisan.  He said he is investing in education because it is the key to opportunity and the bridge to future success for those from all strata of society.

As an alumnus of AMU Islam said “AMU helped shape the lives of many generations. Its leaders have shaped India’s history and its destiny.

He also made a significant contribution to the US Institute of Peace because President John Kennedy is one of his role models as he was a man of peace who called upon all to get involved and make a positive difference in our country and the world.

Being a Muslim, he said, has taught him many things but the most important is that the whole purpose of religion is to provide justice and a path to justice for all.