US NRI Neera Tanden to debut on national political stage

Neera TandenNeera Tanden is to make her political debut on national stage when she addresses thousands of delegates of the Democratic Party and its leaders in Philadelphia. Currently president of the Centre for American Progress based in Washington DC, Tanden is a close confidante of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee.

Thus far Tanden, 45, is the only Indian American invited by the Democratic leadership and the Clinton Campaign to address the ongoing Democratic National Convention.

Speaking to a group of Indian reporters Tanden said she expects to have a full unified party over the next couple of days. She was a key member of the Democratic Platform Committee and the only Indian American on it. She also played a role in shaping some key policy issues of the Party, the Obama Administration, and the Clinton Campaign.

She alleged that the rhetoric of Donald Trump has been ‘very hateful’. She said on the other hand Hillary’s speech will be welcoming and includes Indian Americans, South Asians and the great diversity of the country.