US NRI prodigy graduates from college at age 11

NRINGtanishqTanishq Abraham of Sacramento, California graduated from the American River College (ARC) at the age of 11 with three associate degrees in mathematics, science and foreign language studies.

Abraham is the youngest person to graduate from ARC and the assumption is that he’s the all-time youngest according to ARC spokesman Scott Crow. Last year he became one of the youngest ever in the US to graduate high school. Home-schooled since the age of 7, Abraham joined MENSA, the high IQ society, when he was just 4-years-old.

His mother Taji Abraham said he has always been ahead of the class, including when he was in kindergarten.

On his college graduation cap Abraham wore his favourite ‘Toy Story’ quote “2 Infinity and Beyond”.

Abraham wants to become a doctor and he also wants to be a medical researcher and the president of the US as well.