US NRI scientist wins $500,000 prize for invention

raskarInnovator and scientist Ramesh Raskar has been awarded a $500,000 prize. The annual Lemelson-MIT prize administered by the School of Engineering at MIT, honours US inventors who are mid-career and trying to improve the world through science and technology.

Mr Raskar is an associate professor at MIT’s Media Lab and is known for his trailblazing work that includes the co-invention of an ultra fast camera that can see around corners, low-cost eye-care solutions, and a camera that enables users to read the first few pages of a book without opening up the cover.

Chair of the Lemelson Foundation, Dorothy Lemelson said ‘they are thrilled to honour Ramesh whose research is impacting how we see the world’.

Mr Raskar hails from the town of Nashik in Maharashtra, and despite living in the US he has stayed connected to his native land through his work.

In 2015 while his hometown was hosting the Kumbh Mela, he collaborated with other innovators to launch so-called Kumbhathons – special innovation camps, to incubate ideas for the development of smart cities in India.

In an email Mr Raskar said the world is our lab and a co-innovation model that spans the globe is critical for impact driven research. He also said his background helped with his work. He plans to use a portion of his prize money to help young innovators to innovate in multiple countries.