US NRI sues Goodyear tyres for accident injury

INTIAgyeartyreHarishkumar Patel, 58, who suffered a spine injury in 2012 that left him paralysed when his SUV spun out of control and rolled over, has sued Goodyear Tyres, holding it responsible for the accident that has left him paralysed.

Patel and his family are holding Ohio based Goodyear Tire and Rubber CO, that made the tyre that failed, responsible for the crash.

Patel’s lawyers contend that the tyre was factory defective and should never have been placed on a vehicle. Goodyear however claims the tyre failed because it hit an object some time before the June crash.

Patel is suing Goodyear for the second time as an earlier trial in 2014 ended in a hung jury.

One of Patel’s lawyers said if the jury decides against Goodyear the panel will also decide on a monetary award for his client, as the cost of care for Patel for the rest of his life is expected to exceed $6 million.