US NRI tech support firm sued for illegal business practices

CRIMiYogiTechnology support company iYogi and its President Vishal Dhar, have been sued by the state of Washington for alleged illegal business practices.

The law suit alleges iYogi’s tactics are unfair and deceptive practices that violate Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. It alleges that the company induced consumers to install unnecessary software as part of its ploy to coerce them into buying their services.

The state seeks to stop iYogi’s illegal business practices and recover money for the Washington victims.

Vishal Dhar denied the accusations and said his company attained its industry leadership by being customer focused and value driven and their service is successful because it addresses a genuine need. Dhar said his company realises that tech support frauds are an issue in the US and confirmed his company has been working with authorities in both countries to counter the issue.

The allegations state that in online ads iYogi associated itself with companies like Microsoft, Apple and HP and when consumers called iYogi the representative claimed to provide tech support services on behalf of whatever company the consumer inquires about. After gaining remote access to the consumer’s computer iYogi identified benign but complex looking files and claimed the ‘infected files’ would harm the computer. Once the consumer was alarmed, the company proceeded to aggressively sell tech support to fix the non-existent problems for $140-279.

According to Microsoft some 71,000 Washingtonians lose $33 million each year for such schemes.

Based out of New York, iYogi has over 5000 employees with call centres in India.