US NRIs regroup to boost Republicans

INITIAreplogoBusinessman Shalabh ‘Shalli’ Kumar has formed a new group of NRIs, the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) with a view to mobilise the large and powerful Indian American community and promote conservative values with a focus on how they relate to Indian Americans. The organisation is said to be modeled after groups like the Republican Jewish Coalition, and it plans to spend big in next year’s elections.

Despite its name, the group organisers say the group is open to all faiths.

Kumar said ‘This is a very important time in history and the world is less secure today then 7 years ago and conservatives and Republicans have to win and take the White House. This is the time when Hindu Americans should get actively involved.

There are some 3.7 million Indian Americans in the US half of which are Hindu, and make up the highest per capita income of any income group, yet they tend to be Democrats or are neutral or just don’t vote.

RHC hopes to change this and has the backing of important Republicans such as House Speaker Newt Gingrich who has agreed to serve as honorary chairman for the group. RHC also hopes that the US and India can draw closer on a number of issues.

Kumar said the RHC is proud that Gov. Bobby Jindal is running for president. Kumar himself has pledged to donate some $2 million and raise millions more for the eventual Republican Nominee. Kumar is chairman of AVG Advanced Technologies.