US Sikhs raise funds for Punjabi students back home

INITIAsikhlogoThe Washington based Sikh Human Development Foundation, a philanthropic organisation, has raised over $210,000 for its scholarship programme for underprivileged children in Punjab who want to pursue higher education.

At a gala in Washington over 350 guests attended to support the Foundation. The event featured pop singer Jaz Dhami.

The Foundation invited all to donate and the chief guest Gurcharan Singh Manwal donated $50,000. He and his wife Kamaljit Kaur were honoured with the SHDF Community Higher Education Empowerment Award.

The Foundation has provided scholarships to over 4000 students who are selected from colleges and universities throughout Punjab and surrounding areas. Most of the students are from families earning less than a dollar a day per person.

The programme works in partnership with the Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council based in Delhi.