US Sikhs say new racial profiling guidelines flawed

According to the US Sikh rights group the Sikh Coalition, the new racial profiling guidelines of the US government are flawed and misleading. Though the guidelines recognise that discriminatory profiling is 'unfair' and 'ineffective, and that biased practices promote mistrust of law enforcement and perpetuate negative harmful stereotypes, it still allows discriminatory profiling by the US Customs and Border Patrols (CBP) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), both components of the US Department of Homeland Security, the largest law enforcement agency in the federal government. The Sikh Coalition says the new guidance does not apply to state and local law enforcement activities and will not address gaps in trust at the grassroots level between police and the communities they serve. They call it one step forward, 10 steps back. In response to complaints of profiling from turbaned Sikhs at American airports, the Sikh Coalition in 2012 launched a free smart phone app called FlyRights, that allows travellers of any background to file official complaints with the TSA. In the last year alone the Sikh Coalition secured re-training of TSA personnel after the agency mistreated three turbaned Sikh travellers.