Uttar Pradesh launches website / helpline for NRIs

Uttar Pradesh has introduced a number of welfare measures that will ensure the welfare of UP NRIs. The UP state government has introduced a web portal for NRIs and it is set to send an official delegation to the UAE to propagate the welfare plans and help enhance the skills of workers from the state. According to the Principal Secretary of the NRI Affairs Department, Sanjiv Saran, the department is on a mission to reacquaint UP NRIs with their home state and to help monitor their problems and coordinate with the central government on their behalf. Speaking specifically about the UAE Saran said a delegation is to be sent there at the end of January, as there are around 170,000 working in the GCC countries, with a large number in the UAE. The delegation hopes to meet the community members and heads of major construction companies, to find out their requirements in terms of numbers and skills, so they can design specific courses in India where people can be trained. Saran said the department can be contacted for any assistance through their website or by phone.