Village girl uses Scholarship fund to build toilet

MERAvgirlAnita Kaleshriya, 21, from Guradiya Varma Village in Madhya Pradesh was encouraged by a workshop on cleanliness that was organised by a local group, and she decided she wanted a toilet at home. She asked her father to build a toilet that would cost Rs.5000, but her father did not have the funds.

Anita then withdrew Rs.3000 from her scholarship money and got the work done and she and her family now have a toilet at home.

Anita has become an unofficial ambassador for the campaign to build toilets in her village and areas nearby, and every day people from the area go to see the toilet she built and ask how they can do the same.

The village panchayat is also proud of Anita and her efforts, and 35 families have now built toilets in their homes. The panchayat also now aims that by year end, each family will have a toilet at home.