Wal-Mart suspected of paying millions in bribes in India

CORRUwalAccording to a US media report Wal-Mart is suspected to have paid bribes worth millions of dollars in India to low-level local officials who helped move goods through customs or obtained real-estate permits. The majority of the payments were under $200, and some as low as $5 pointing to the receivers being workers or labourers on the lower rungs of the ladder.

According to the report Wal-Mart’s massive bribery is unlikely to be penalised as its Indian operation does not yield any profit under the provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the USA, as penalties are connected to the amount of profit the bribes generate, and the payments in India were not of any significant size.

Wall-Mart headquarters in the US have not reacted to the reports that accompany a probe into allegations of widespread corruption at Wal-Mart Stores in Mexico.