Wanted Don Chotta Rajan arrested in Indonesia

INTERcrajanIndonesian authorities confirmed they had arrested Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalji, aka ‘Chotta Rajan’ the fugitive who was on Interpol’s most wanted list for two decades.

Nikalji was arrested after arriving at Bali airport from Sydney, based on a red notice from the Interpol and following a tip from Australian authorities in Canberra. Police are now questioning him in Bali and coordinating with Indian diplomats for a deportation process.

India’s Home Minister thanked the Indonesian government and Interpol.

Chhota Rajan a former aide turned rival of terrorist Dawood Ibrahim had evaded police in several countries. He travelled on an Indian passport as Mohan Kumar, and it soon emerged that the name was an alias used by the 55-year-old crime boss wanted on charges of contract killing, arms smuggling and extortion. He is also suspected of the assassination of Nepal MP Mirza Dilshad Beg, who was shot dead in Kathmandu in 1988.

Born Rejendra Sadashiv Nikalji in Mumbai, Rajan is known to have 3 passports and his gang was seen by Indian officials as the second most notorious and powerful after that of Dawood. The CBI tracked his movements and informed the police in Indonesia and Australia.

Police believe that his interrogation may now solve many cases that have piled up over the years.