We were gangraped for eating beef : Muslim women in Haryana

gang-rapeA victim of a Mewat gangrape claimed attackers who broke into their home told her they were being punished for eating beef. The woman denied the consumption of beef. Reports say the victim narrated the incident in the presence of activist Shabnam Hashmi in Delhi.

The main motive seemed to have been rape. The four arrested men are known as troublemakers in the village and were seen drinking on the morning of the attack.

Two weeks after two women were allegedly gangraped in Mewat district, one came out in the open.

In August some people entered a house in Meerat where a woman age 20, and her cousin age 14, were sexually assaulted and their uncle and aunt were beaten to death.

Police have arrested four people in connection with the case. They were booked for rape and trespass, and murder charges were added only after locals staged a protest in Mewat.