Wedding turns ugly after bhabhi kisses bridegroom !

At an Aligarh wedding filled with guests and eager families, an excited bhabhi (sister-in-law) leaped up and kissed her brother-in-law, as the bride and her family looked on disapprovingly. Undaunted the bhabhi then pulled the bridegroom on to the dance floor and the two danced. This was the last straw for the family and a brawl ensued between the two families, that got worse and some 500 guests ran for cover. The bride's angry family beat up members of the baraat and then held the bridegroom captive. Aligarh mayor Shakuntala Bharati who was at the wedding when the kerfuffle occurred said the bridegroom was in the girl's family's custody, and he had to intervene to free the hapless man. It was all a bit of a shock, because both come from good, educated families, and eventually the groom went back without his bride. Though the police were called in to keep the peace, the two families eventually decided not to file FIRs, but rather they sought a closed and private settlement, details of which were unavailable.