"Why should husbands always suffer" asks Supreme Court

Turning a twenty year old custom on its head, the Supreme Court has admitted that the court has been lenient with the pleas of estranged wives seeking the transfer of cases to places of their convenience, thereby making husbands go through the inconvenience and expense of having to make long trips to attend court hearings. The Court has now reversed the trend saying the court became too liberal in acceding to the wives requests, as husbands have a right too, so why should they always be made to suffer. Henceforth the courts will take into account the merits of the husbands' plea against such requests by wives. Putting the ruling into practice right away, the court refused to transfer a matrimonial dispute from Ghaziabad to Betul at the wife's request, even though her counsel informed the court that she is a resident of Betul in Madhya Pradesh.