Woman arrested as viral video shows her battering mother-in-law

BACKbeatminlSangeeta Jain has been arrested for beating her 70-year-old mother-in-law, after CCTV footage of the assault went viral. The CCTV camera was installed in the house by Jain’s husband Sandeep who wanted to expose her cruelty.

Police said the family fought a lot and and Sandeep said Sangeeta has attacked his family ever since their marriage 7 years ago. The graphic footage that sparked outrage in India shows Sangeeta slapping and dragging the elderly woman in her bed and even trying to strangle her.

The mother-in-law Raj Rani Jain said the woman slapped and tried to strangle her then hit her with stones.

The motive of the attack and why it took so long for Sandeep Jain to report the matter to police is not clear.