Woman arrested for trying to molest man in Delhi !

HAPPensautoRenu Lalwani, 32, has been arrested on charges of forcibly trying to have sex with an auto rickshaw driver.

The driver Umesh Prasad, 41, alleged that Lalwani and her friend hired his auto rickshaw and when they reached her residence she invited Prasad to her flat on the pretext of paying him. After offering him water to drink, Lalwani suddenly locked the doors and sought sexual favours from the driver which he denied.

Police said it was only after an hour when the women went to another room, that the driver allegedly jumped from the first floor balcony and escaped. He fractured his foot in the process.

Lalwani’s friend who allegedly filmed the act is from Tanzania and is on the run. Police identified her as Hitija.

Police found other badges and driving licenses of auto drivers at Lalwani’s residence and believe the women may have trapped other drivers using the same tactics.