Woman branded notorious criminal for refusing to bribe police

Pallavi Pushpam of east Chamaran district in Bihar who works for a Japanese firm in Bengaluru, had applied for a passport to visit the company's headquarters in Japan and was ordered by the passport office to provide police verification of the application as is the norm. She alleged during the course of the verification process, the local police sought a bribe from her to continue the process. When she refused to pay up, the local police sent a report to the passport office charging her with involvement in several criminal cases. The report also alleged she had served two years in jail. The victim has reported the matter to the senior police officer and the Human Rights Commission seeking action against the guilty police officials trying to demean her career and character. Her father Anil Kumar Singh a noted environmentalist, dared the police to prove its claim or he will move the courts. Local police have ordered an investigation saying the case is really grave and deserves the strictest punishment if the officer is found guilty of doing what was reported by the complainant.