Woman films senior citizen in compromising position to blackmail him

A Meerut woman age 20, befriended a man age 70, then drugged and filmed him in a compromising situation, and started blackmailing him. The Meerut police say the man who is a retired bank employee and lives alone had been ill lately and approached them for help. He told them that he would often visit court to pursue pending cases when he met the young woman. She befriended him on the pretext of helping him find the cure for his illness as she worked at a herbal cure centre and wanted him to join it, which he accepted. He was then also introduced to the owner of the centre and a worker, and he was given medications that he took for two months. In his written complaint the man alleged that in June the woman gave him a 'special medicine' which he took and became unconscious. When he awoke he found he was stark naked in one of the rooms. A while later the woman came to the room accompanied by the two men and showed him an MMS that she had filmed of him in a compromising position with her. The three then threatened him and said they would upload the clip on the Internet if he did not meet their demands. To save himself the embarrassment he kept quiet and gave them Rs.500,000 but they did not stop there and wanted more. When he told them he was broke, they asked him to give him their kidney. That was when he decided to take the case to the authorities. Police are looking into the matter and an FIR is to be filed.