Woman kept in chains for being infertile

praqmyxxSonmatiya, 32, was married to Sohan Yadav a decade ago. After a couple of years, as the woman did not bear a child, taunts began that soon took the form of physical torture.

When the torture became unbearable Sonmatiya fled to her maternal home, and later Sohan brought his wife back with promises of good conduct but the promises were soon broken and the torture resumed, this time with added vengeance. To prevent her escaping again, her husband and mother-in-law chained her in the house. The chains were temporarily loosened to make her do the household chores, but she was never completely free.

Sonmatiya’s brother called one of the neighbours to be told that the woman was not seen in the village for a while, and suspecting foul play, he visited his sister’s home to see her chained there.  He complained to the police who rescued the woman and restored her to her brother.


The police said a case has been filed against Sohan and his mother Munia Devi, who have both been arrested and sent to jail.  In at attempt to cloud the case the two alleged that Sonmatia was mentally imbalanced and they were keeping her chained to prevent any untoward action by her.  However, their story could be be substantiated.