Women inmates forced to have sex with men in Bangalore jail

The Parappa Ahgrahara Central Jail in Bangalore is the scene of two complaints from the women's section, alleging that female inmates are forced into sex with male inmates who pay the jail authorities between Rs.300 and 500 for the 'service', making authorities no better than common pimps. The complaints were written in letters that are now part of a dossier, containing shocking revelations, submitted to the Karnataka High Court by a judicial officer who was investigating prison irregularities, including reports that inmates have to pay bribes to meet visiting relatives, and though 24 convicts jumped parole since June, jail authorities did not mention it to the courts nor complain to the police. According to one report there is even a well oiled rent collection system in the prison. The additional inspector general of prisons dismissed the allegations calling it a conspiracy. The prison has played host to high profile inmates including former CM BS Yeddyurappa, and recently former Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa.