Young couple thrashed in Mumbai Police Station

MERAPOLIcoupA young couple was quarreling outside the Andheri Police Station, when a constable asked the woman if she was being harassed. She said it was a personal matter and did not want any interference. Ignoring her response, the couple were taken into the police station anyway.

The couple were made to sit separately and after a while the woman panicked and started a commotion, when the cops started slapping her repeatedly until she was bleeding. She asked her friend for help and when he came forward the police beat him up badly as well. The couple was thrashed by the cops including a woman constable, and they were illegally detained. They were also taken to the hospital for an illegal medical examination.

Ghulam Maqbool Sheikh, who works for an NGO filmed the entire incident on camera and demanded action be taken against the cops.

The lawyer of the complainant said they are going to file an FIR against the police officers involved in the attack, and the video was used as leverage against the cops who had vehemently refused to file the FIR saying it would damage the image of the Mumbai Police.