Young NRI helps electrify powerless Rajasthan village

INITIApsinghPrabh Singh, 24, a student at the Durham University Business School helped Rajasthan’s Naro Ka Kheda village near Udaipur to get its first electrified home in July.

The young man who hails from Delhi said he believed that if people in the West could use solar power as a luxury item, then people in India where some 75 million live without electricity, can use it as a necessity, thus planting the beginning of his ‘Project Kiran’.

The funds he needed were sourced through crowd funding in the village and an autonomous society in the Indian government agreed to support the initiative, which consists of an electricity kit that has a solar panel, 3 light bulbs, a strip light and a mobile charging socket.

Singh has also helped set up a maintenance network in the village, and he now aims to take the model to other remote villages.