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Estimates of Non-Resident Indians spread across the world vary depending on who you talk to - from a modest 15 million to over 40 million. It is also estimated that there are between 40 to 100 million ethnic Indians spread across the world. Our aim is to bring this great diaspora together - for together we can rise to new heights in every sphere, everywhere... Welcome to NRI World.
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India, Oman agree to cooperate against crime
On NRI woman’s death anniversary Irish activists defy abortion ban
NRI family of four found murdered in UK
NRIs sue ICICI Venture over losses on their investments
Dubai NRI eye-surgeon honoured in London
US NRI scientist discovers how stem cells kill brain cancer
US NRI Sundar Pichai to head Google products
US NRI given award for efforts to end domestic violence
NRIs sue ICICI Venture over losses on their investments
Indian firms with women board members make more money
Aditya Birla Group announces joint venture with African firm
Swiss banks advise some Indian clients to cash out
US NRI community demand Diwali Postage Stamp
US NRI venture capitalist says innovation is best in India !
NRI plans to demystify his microscope invention for public good
NRIs replicate PM Modi's clean city campaign in New York
NRI Crime
NRI cabby jailed for sex attack in UK
NRI jailed in US for supporting Lebanese terrorist group
Hundreds of letters supporting Sant Singh Chatwal sent to US Court
Insider trader Martoma, loses bid to stay out of jail
US firm fined for under-paying NRI staff
Police take 6 months to file NRIs' land fraud complaint
India government confirms PIO Card valid for life
British Embassy assures help with NRI brawl case
Happens only in India
Gay huusband arrested after wife films encounters on spycam !
Diamond merchant rewards employees with houses, cars for Diwali !
Senior Delhi cop assaulted in case of road rage !
Father treks to Nepal in disguise to rescue kids from traffickers
Mera Bharat Mahan
J & K police official shown abusing power in pictures on Instagram
In-laws torture, kill woman suspected of being a witch
Retired officer reveals how massacre in Bihar was concealed
Court agrees poor Parsis earn upto Rs.90k a month !
Back Home Bytes
Thieves dig 40 m tunnel into Haryana bank
Eunuchs bravely keep Trilokpuri goons at bay in Delhi !
Pressure mounts for release of actress Shweta Prasad
Sania Mirza does what no Indian tennis player ever has
Corruption of India
Navy orders inquiry into alleged financial irregularities
Quadruple increase in corruption cases in Maharashtra
Cash stashed in drainpipes at Railway official's home !
Woman refuses to pay bribe delivers baby on hospital floor
These Rulers of India
UP CM Akhilesh sacks 70 ministers for non-performance !
Union Transport Minister rides 2-wheeler without helmet !
Youth arrested for posting anti-Mamata remark on Facebook
Congress spokesman Sashi Tharoor 'removed' for praising Modi !
The Kerala 'Kiss of Love' Protest…
The Kerala 'Kiss of Love' Protest…
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ShowbizAmitabh Bachchan spends 72nd birthday modestly
Movie ReviewHappy New Year
NRI ProfileAnuradha Kanniganti – teaching Telugu to Europeans…
NRInterviewSundar Pichai – Most Powerful Man in Mobile
IndiaVidualsArunachalam Muruganantham – the Man who wore a sanitary napkin
Ludhiana property usurper nabbed by NRI police
90 percent of Kerala NRIs are in Gulf : Study
IT professionals moving back home from Silicon Valley
India has 11th largest population of uber-rich
Genius of IndiaTeen develops device to help those with developmental disabilities
Venerable Nalanda University reopens after 800 years
J & K police official shown abusing power in pictures on Instagram
One big step for India, a giant leap for mankind
100 crore college seat-blocking scam in Karnataka !
Two Indian CWG officials arrested in Glasgow
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