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Estimates of Non-Resident Indians spread across the world vary depending on who you talk to - from a modest 15 million to over 40 million. It is also estimated that there are between 40 to 100 million ethnic Indians spread across the world. Our aim is to bring this great diaspora together - for together we can rise to new heights in every sphere, everywhere... Welcome to NRI World.
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NRI to pay Rs.50,000 monthly alimony plus damages
Indians evacuated from Gaza conflict zone
India to open Yoga Centre in China
Uttar Pradesh launches NRI department
Indian doctor to receive award for Research on HIV
NRI actors star in popular American TV shows
Karan Bilimoria awarded honorary doctorate in UK
NRI boy wins 'Preacher of the Nation' at Dubai Forum
Rupee third on counterfeit currency list in Switzerland
Reliance Industries posts $1 billion quarterly profit
India Inc commends Modi government's first budget
NRI entrepreneurs call new budget progressive
US NRI doctors plan to help India improve health services
US NRI schoolboy raises funds for orphans in Odisha
US NRI doctors focus on giving back to India
US NRI doctors create endowment for medical research
NRI Crime
US NRI convicted for paying kickbacks
NRI sentenced to five years in UK for kidnapping
NRI sentenced for raping 12-year-old in UK
US NRI pleads guilty to funding Al Qaida groups
37 UAE NRIs committed suicide in 2014
Uttar Pradesh launches NRI department
US amnesty for NRIs to disclose unreported assets
NRIs demand Insurance Cover for properties in India
Happens only in India
Blind 10-year olds mercilessly thrashed by school principal
Father finds bride for son, but forcibly marries her instead !
Open-air autopsies performed in Madhya Pradesh town !
Tihar Jail sets up restaurant with inmates as staff
Mera Bharat Mahan
Rape victim waits 3 hours naked for test at hospital
65% of prison inmates are undertrials, not convicts !
Bollywood trivia in exam paper to select public servants !!
To cater to his 31 girlfriends, man turns to thievery !
Back Home Bytes
India lauds 'historic' cricket win at Lord's
Seedless mangoes developed by Indian scientists
Gunman disguised as doctor kills wrong man in hospital
Bandits extort daily water supply from villagers in UP
Corruption of India
Authorities to investigate corruption in healthcare after TV sting
NRI says land grabbed in connivance with Punjab Minister
Delhi tops nation in property fraud cases
Switzerland prepares list of Indian account holders
These Rulers of India
Karanataka Chief Minister unconcerned about child's rape ?
Deputy CM Pawar not served dessert, 2 engineers in soup !
Karnataka MLA says cell phones responsible for rapes !
Politician offers help to gang rape victim then rapes her
Enterprising women break male monopoly…
Enterprising women break male monopoly…
Redhead loses her panties in church! Epic FAIL!

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NRI says land grabbed in connivance with Punjab Minister
Canada is home to over one million Indians
IT professionals moving back home from Silicon Valley
India tops list of global poor : UN report
Genius of IndiaSeedless mangoes developed by Indian scientists
Heritage Cell formed to preserve Agra monuments
NRI questions Goa police over-reaction to minister's morphed picture
One big step for India, a giant leap for mankind
100 crore college seat-blocking scam in Karnataka !
Maharashtra state records most custodial deaths
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Passport Information
Investment/Tax IncentivesA summary for NRIs by Russi J Patel
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